Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Am The Storm

As far as I can tell, Trump's undivided government will do everything it can to roll back the New Deal and the Great Society.
They have said they want to do it, to "privatize" everything they can--education, roads, prison, military, social security, medicare...everything.
If this makes you uncomfortable, then you must mobilize to prevent it.
If you think this privatization effort is a scam, then you must do something about it.
Wringing hands and fighting last week's battle is an example of doing nothing, rather than something. If you focus on racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and neglect these other matters, then they win, for you continue to fight yesterday's battle, rather than today's.
Do not be confused--the things that matter to you are important, and tone does matter, and the safety of the marginalized is critical to guard.
But don't be robbed blind while you do it, by those large factors that are controlled by plutocrats, who love it when you are distracted, when you leave them in the meantime free to sack the treasury, stacking the system ever more in their favor.
The dice has been rolled, and the winds of change are blowing. It has been said that fate whispers, "you can not withstand the storm." It is upon each of us to answer back, "I am the Storm." After the storm there will be peace--but the storm, well. It is upon us.

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